Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who is Mr. Murphy of...

Murphy's Law and who appointed him the doer of mishap? In case you're not familiar with his mantra it's as follows: If anything can go wrong, it will........ Sunny days are rare in the liquid sunshine state. At this time of year I can be found rummaging for trendy rain gear for wading through puddles or in most cases drowning. It's important to find the perfect ensemble to deflect the embarrassing moments that may occur when I underestimate the depth of a pool of water.....and make contact with asphalt! To my surprise instead of the usual winter deluge, we've been graced with SUNSHINE! Feeling a tad unsure after the epic Christmas snowfall (you can read about in my past post) I had no doubt the sunshine was only temporary . But, one sunny day turned into another. One bright week lead into the next. My fears started to melt just as the snow did.
So, I thought I'd take advantage of this rare treat. I dusted off my foot spa and pulled out my red nail polish to give myself a toedicure. Known to most laymen as a pedicure. Nail polish is the one thing I can wear with absolute confidence that when when I ask my husband "does this make me look fat?" He will be able to answer (every time) with an unabashed "NO!"

Candy Apple Red polish to be exact!

My objective... was to wear these.

I wanted to dangle my tootsies in the sunshine. There's something a little daring in letting my red toes peek out just a wee bit. I bet you didn't know there's a great adventurer behind all this fluff and frill. How else do you think I could have sneaked onto the set of the Donny &Marie show as an ice skater? Oops, TMI!

My true love is for opened toed

Due to an unfortunate accident involving (sequined) platform flip flops, black licorice and the neighbors dog... who I now refer to as Lassie my hero. I'm unable to wear heels (tear rolling down my cheek). It's a long story I'll save for a future post.

I pumiced, filed, buffed, trimmed and polished my tootsies to the envy of any
toedicurist who would behold them.

I know what you're thinking........

" YabadabaDO-NOT say it!" I already know there's a resemblance... and it doesn't end at our feet. I've been known to enjoy a brontosaurus burger or two. Fred and I may even share the same leopard print frock ( in the same size too).

I was ready to hit the bricks, until this!!!!"CURSE YOU, Murphy's law!" "YOU'RE NOT IN MY JURISDICTION ! " You'll not get the best of me!"
Necessity is the mother of invention. She has provided us with these classic solutions after all.

Look how thrilled he is to be crowned with the Umbrella Hat. If that really was an Umbrella Crown... I may be tempted to join this royal family!

Perhaps this was invented while she was in the shower. Deciding on how to repurpose the curtain.

Out of that inspiration came these beauties
The "TOEDICURE Umbrellas!
They're still in the prototype stage.

Align Center
Don't be surprised when you see them in a boutique near you. You'll be able to (proudly ) say I knew her when....

On the first

I will be turning 25......

Hmmmm, I mean 35.........

would you believe........

Okay, lets just agree to say the number is still low enough to count to without feeling dizzy.
Yup, it's that (dreaded) time of year...the celebratory day of birth. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy the self indulgences,

every last one of them.
It's the age that comes with it.... The old age reminder that with each passing year gravity continues to fail me from head to toe!!!

My poor hubby doesn't fare well when it comes to organizing and executing special events. He started breaking out in a rash right after the Christmas holiday. I'm sure it was from the mere thought of planning my Birthday. So, we're heading out...

to the Emerald city (Seattle); so our lil' family can join in on the festivities. I appreciate all the efforts my family makes towards my special day. Here's a video of the cake baking on my last b-day.

He had me at..... "We're stayin' in a hotel...."
room service, hot tub, chocolate candy on my pillow, etc. I see a great birthday ahead.

Party like it's your birthday!

I'm going to leave you in capable (British) hands 'til my return.


I will be asking, how many of you did shake your groove thang .

Friday, January 9, 2009

Taking the DIE out of DIET!

Hi, my name is Angel and this is my story of how the first three letters in a simple word almost ruined the beginning of a new year.

I woke to 2009 with catnip hopes and salmon wishes...Until my mom said, "We need to get started on our *to do* list of New Year's resolutions."

The key words being "We" and "Our..." I don't remember signing up!

If I did I'm sure it was a catnip induced response. Following her announcement Mom grabbed me from my cushy covers and marched us towards the dreaded scale. It was time for the obligatory post holiday weigh in. With trepidation she lightly tiptoed onto the weighing machine. Her eyes started to glaze over as the numbers rolled on and on like a Vegas slot machine. (I say what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas.) When at last it stopped to reveal the final tally, she moaned as if the outcome was a big surprise. Then, she actually had the nerve to say , "Hmmm,
as I think back...I may have indulged just a little."

Who does she think she's foolin'!!? Had that Christmas ham been boneless she would have swallowed it whole!

I can understand why she feels the need to hit the gym, but I don't see any problem with my lifestyle.

I could see, by the determined look in her eyes, I didn't stand a chance of lounging comfortably around the house any longer. I knew she'd be heading to the dark recesses of her closet for her arsenal of fashionista gym attire.

My retinas haven't quite heeled from last year's visions of the favored pink Converse high top tennies.

My mom really knows how to test the SPAND in spandex. Why does she test me too, by asking how she looks? Like I'm gonna say........You look like a giant bottle of Pepto Bismol! Instead I......

until she pulled out my outfit. Now the joke was on me. Oh well.

Time to hit the gym. I was hoping my gym ID would be in question. Instead they admired my fashion statement and led me to the workout zone. So it began. I tried to get lost in the masses of other New Year's Resolutionists. Somehow I wound up in a boxing class which wasn't a big hit. (Pun intended.)

I barely made it past the "one two" punch by my sparing partner. Ego still intact, I escaped sustaining only minor injuries. I thought I was in the clear until a gym rat came by and coaxed me onto the heavy duty equipment.

Some horses weren't meant to ride.
It suddenly dawned on me I hadn't seen my mom in awhile.

I ventured out through the crowd until I finally found her, the picture of grace and flexibility on a treadmill.

Ouch, it wasn't pretty. She'd had her fill and so had I. We made a hasty exit home. It was perfect timing, cause I knew dinner would be our next to do. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into something juicy and fishy. Instead I was dished up a meal fit for Bugs Bunny.

Whats up doc? Where's the fish? That put this wascally wabbit over the edge.
I had to pull out the big guns....


No not those. These...SWEET CONFECTIONS!

After my mom crashed from her sugar high it was time to relax. That's when Dad came on to the scene.

He got Mom's bath ready since the bath and I don't mix company.

After Mom was settled into her bubble bath I knew it was my turn for a little R&R.

As I was laying there reflecting back on the day's events, I realized change isn't a bad thing. I just needed to teach my mom a creative solution.

Taking a whole new approach will open endless possibilities

To see the potential of what we really can become,

we just needed to find the right fit for us.

You can take the girl out of American Bandstand but, you can't take American Bandstand out of the girl. You just have revise it a bit.

Well, this is the end of my day and story. My bed never felt so good.

I think I'll sleep like a kitten.